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How to Build Your Resume Completely Free

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Having a professional resume is an essential tool for finding a job. Hiring managers might not spend much time looking over resumes, but having a resume that stands will increase your chances of securing an interview. You might have an impressive work history, but if your resume is unorganized and compiled incorrectly, chances of landing that interview decrease. Programs such as Microsoft Word or Open Office offer a wide variety of free resume templates to get you started.

Microsoft Word 2007

Open Microsoft Word.

Click on the "Microsoft Office" button on the top left hand corner. Select “New.” A window will appear with a list of documents.

Select “Resumes and CVs” from the list on the left. Then select what kind of resume is most appropriate. The options are basic resume, job specific resume and situation specific resume.

Choose from the template options provided by Microsoft Word. Once you have selected a template, that template automatically will load into a Word document.

Fill out the information on the template.

Open Office

Download Open Office. Once installed, click on the "Open Office" shortcut and select the writer application.

Under the “File” menu select “New.”

Click on the “Templates and Documents” option. Browse through the options, select the template that meets your needs, and click “Open.” The template will automatically load.

Fill in the information on the template.