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How do I Become a Honolulu Firefighter?

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Firefighters save and protect lives the world over, and in Honolulu, the growing capital city of Hawaii, this is as true as anywhere else. Becoming a Honolulu firefighter allows you to work in a profession that can provide both financial security as well as personal satisfaction. The steps required to become a Honolulu firefighter will challenge your physical and mental abilities. Your dedication and perseverance will certainly prove worth it, as you work to become a member of a globally respected and beneficial profession.

Complete an accredited firefighter training program. There are several affiliated with schools such as the Honolulu Community College, Kapl’olani Community College and the University of Hawai’i, all of which are located in the Honolulu area.

Create an online applicant profile on the Honolulu city government Web site.

Highlight your education and work experience in the resume that accompanies your online applicant profile on Honolulu’s city government Web site.

Provide personal, educational and professional references in your applicant profile.

Enter a probationary firefighting training period with the Honolulu fire department.


Acquire job experience by joining a volunteer fire department in nearby towns or cities.


Prepare yourself to be challenged physically and mentally in both the accredited firefighter training program at a college or university, as well as the probationary firefighting training period with the Honolulu fire department.