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How to Become a Maui Firefighter

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Hawaii, and particularly the island of Maui, conjures images of a tropical paradise, forested peaks and spectacular ocean vistas. For those with a passion for the fire services, becoming a Maui firefighter might be a dream come true. The county of Maui, which consists of the islands of Maui, Molokai and Lanai, is the hiring authority for Maui firefighters. To become a Maui firefighter at one its 14 fire stations, applicants must perform well on a two-part testing process and convince County of Maui hiring authorities that they are right for the job.

Check if applications are being accepted for open firefighter positions. The first step to become a Maui firefighter is to visit the employment section of the County of Maui website to search for an announcement of position vacancies. The County of Maui does not accept applications for firefighter positions unless an announcement is made. They will also post vacancies in the Maui News employment classifieds.

Submit an application for the open position. Applications are available online and from the Department of Personnel Services, and are accepted from Hawaii state residents and non-residents. Fill out the application correctly and provide any required supplemental documentation requested so that application process proceeds smoothly.

Take the written test. After the application is submitted, the County of Maui will send a notification by mail with the date, time and location of the written test, which consists of memory, reading comprehension, math, and mechanical and spatial reasoning. The test does not require previous firefighting experience or training. Passing the test with the highest score possible is important because eligible applicants are ranked by test scores.

Pass the physical test. Upon passing the written test, applicants will receive another invitation with the date, time and location for a physical test that measures physical ability to perform the duties of a firefighter, including a one-mile run, ladder and stairs climbs, a 100 meter swim, and a field event. It is important to be in top physical conditions to pass the test to continue on in the process of becoming a Maui firefighter.

Interview with the Maui Fire Department. Applicants who pass the physical test are placed on a list of eligible applicants according to their written test scores. Interviews usually consist of a board of ranking officials asking targeted questions intended to ascertain if the applicant has sound reasoning skills and adequate interpersonal skills to succeed with the fire department. The interview process may consist of more than one interview.

Attend recruit training. If an applicant is selected during the interview process, he is placed in a recruit class and will complete 18 weeks of physical training, education, firefighting skills, emergency medical care and more. Continued employment is usually conditional based upon performance in training and upon a probationary period.


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