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How to Nominate Your Boss

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While some people cannot wait for the working hours to end to avoid confrontations with the boss, others enjoy the company of their boss. Bosses can be nominated in various ways for various awards or events for recognition for being a pleasant, professional and overall excellent boss in the corporate environment. Since there are various events where a boss can be nominated, there are various procedures to follow for a nomination.

National Boss Day

Check to see if there are any local events regarding bosses around October 16 each year. October 16 is National Boss Day in the United States.

Register your boss in the nomination’s pool and ensure your boss has been listed as one of the nominees. If it is your company that is having a draw for best boss in various departments, nominate your boss of choice to the individuals responsible for the event.

Double-check the list of nominees to see if your boss has made the list. On October 16, be present when the bosses nominated get to battle it out with votes to see who stands out. Prizes will often be handed out, including cards, flowers, lunches or gift cards.

Nominations for Specific Boss Events

Check the guidelines for the specific event in question. If it is between companies in your local area, contact the organization or department who is organizing the event.

Fill out any applications or write any essays to explain why your boss should be nominated. Check to see if there are various categories for which you can nominate your boss and select the most appropriate one. This may only be applicable for some events. Other events may just require a piece of paper with the name and company for registration.

Give the application or relevant nomination papers to the proper person, who is responsible for the boss nominations.


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