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Ideas for Boss Day

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National Boss Day began in 1958 when Patricia Bays Haroski petitioned the national Chamber of Commerce to recognize her own father's birthday, October 16, as a day to celebrate the hardworking bosses of America. The governor of Illinois made this holiday official in 1962, declaring October 16 (or the nearest workday) as National Boss Day. Celebrate your own manager's contribution to the work force with a day she's sure to remember fondly.

Ways to Celebrate

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Besides gifts, your celebration of National Boss Day can include spending time with your superiors at work as a thank you for everything they do.

Plan a special Boss Day breakfast or lunch, with the employees of your company pitching in to cover your supervisor's meal. Encourage coworkers to make a speech or give a toast honoring his accomplishments.

Flood the boss' email box. Instead of the usual complaints and work problems, however, fill it with emails complimenting her for her management style or dedication to the company.

Gather a group of employees and rewrite the lyrics to a popular song to honor your boss (be sure to include some good-natured jokes). Then schedule a time with his secretary to serenade him with your musical performance.

Gift Ideas

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Boxes of chocolate and gift baskets are always good gift ideas, but there are other gifts that can show your boss that you appreciate her. Find out what kind of pet she has and purchase accessories or other useful items for it. If she hasn't got a pet, perhaps a son, grandson or nephew is the light of her life. Buying a gift for a special pet or child shows initiative that is sure to be appreciated.

Buy supplies for your manager's favorite hobby. Fishing gear, golf supplies or new bowling shoes are all items that most offices could afford if you take up a collection among most of the employees. Make sure you know your boss' shoe or clothing size if you're going to buy apparel for him.

Many bosses will continue to use a briefcase, office chair or hard hat past its prime. Replace the worn item with a new one in a similar style; include a card signed by all employees who contributed to the gift.

Making the Day Special

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Taking time on National Boss Day to serve the boss is sure to make her feel special. Discuss your ideas with other employees to figure out what will make the biggest impact. Go out of your way to prevent the boss' pet peeves for the day. Make sure the coffee is hot and fresh; empty her wastebasket and make sure she gets all of her messages.

Have each employee contribute one gift certificate to a coupon book. Coupons could include everything from one week's worth of break-room cleanup without complaint to a fishing trip on an employee's boat on the weekend. Try to find items or services that your boss will appreciate.


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