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How to Write a Thank You Note for Boss's Day

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Boss’s Day is a day to recognize your boss or manager for a job well done. Although most managers make an effort to recognize their employees' achievements, the boss is often overlooked. Taking the time to write a short and meaningful note to your boss can improve your working relationship and let your boss know he is appreciated.

Choose an appropriate thank you card or a piece of nice stationery for your note. Write a rough draft, and then copy it carefully onto the card or letter paper.

Be sincere in your note. Whatever you choose to say should be genuine. If your boss has made the work environment more pleasing, do not be shy in saying so. Let the boss know the affect he has had on your work and the time you spend at the office. (If you cannot legitimately list reasons you appreciate your boss, keep the note short and be very generic in your praise.)

Recognize the achievements of your boss. If a big project recently has been completed, congratulate your boss for a job well done. If possible, give praise for specific aspects of the project.

Thank your boss for possessing certain character traits that have had a positive impact on the work environment. If his leadership style is refreshing and has inspired your own management style, let your boss know that. If he consistently delivers praise to you as well as to other colleagues, let him know that is appreciated. This is the time to recognize those actions that you admire most. This not only will please him because of the recognition, but it also will motivate him to continue these actions.

Show your appreciation for your job and for your boss’s confidence in you in assigning projects and other work-related tasks. Let your boss know that you are thankful for the opportunity to work for the company and that you enjoy your job.


If your office is more informal, you can email the note to your boss.


Proofread your note before sending for grammar and spelling.

  • If your office is more informal, you can email the note to your boss.
  • Proofread your note before sending for grammar and spelling.

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