How to Compliment a Coworker to Their Boss

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A compliment goes a long way in the workplace, especially when you're talking to someone's boss. Compliments can come in all shapes and sizes, from noting someone's work ethic to commending the way he deals with customers. Oftentimes, the head of an office will remember compliments when considering promotions and pay increases. But above all, compliments encourage positivity in the workplace, which benefits everyone.

Compliment the quality of your coworker's work when it's appropriate. Your boss will appreciate productivity in the workplace. For example, "Abby's report was thorough and accurate. She really did a good job."

Make note of your coworker's strong work ethic. Your boss will like to hear that her employees are working hard while on the clock. Try something along the lines of, "Bob has really put in a lot of late hours at the office. He just doesn't quit until the job is done."

Commend your coworker's ability to deal with colleagues. Working well with others is an important trait while in the office. Modesty, commitment and integrity are commonly respected traits at work.

Compliment your coworker's ability to deal with customers. At most companies, the saying that the customer is always right holds true. Your boss will like to hear that his employee is representing the company well.


Always include specific examples with your compliment. It's important not to seem vague or insincere.


Be careful not to give "back-handed" compliments, or compliments that can be construed as offensive. An insulting remark offsets any compliments you may give.