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How to Resign From a Job You Just Started

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Resigning from a job you've had for several years can be difficult -- you must say goodbye to co-workers you've come to appreciate, friendships you developed and perhaps a supervisor you admired. But quitting when you haven't been on the job that long can be just as difficult, if not embarrassing. It may mean admitting that you may have accepted a job that you don't like or have joined a company where you cannot work.

Speak to Your Manager

In a private meeting, start by telling your boss that you appreciate the opportunity to work with her. Explain that you believe you made a mistake by accepting the job and that you regret resigning so early in your career with the company. Refrain from saying anything inflammatory, such as the company has a bad reputation or that you find the people rude or disrespectful, even if it's true. Assume responsibility for the decisions you have made.

Make It Official

Prepare a brief resignation letter. Include your job title and department, and the date upon which your resignation is effective. Give at least two weeks notice, but don't be surprised or offended if you're asked to leave the same day you tender your resignation. It wouldn't make sense for you to stay on for two weeks when your employment history with the company is short. You needn't give details. Simply write that you appreciate the opportunity to work for the company and that you apologize for any inconvenience you may have caused by your short tenure.


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