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How to Write a Letter of Intent for Work

When you write a letter of intent its purpose is to inform the employer of your intentions at or with the firm. One common type of letter of intent is simply a cover letter, which you add with your resume when applying for a position. Another type of letter of intent is a resignation notice.

Cover Letter of Intent

Outline your letter of intent in the standard format of a business letter. The order is your address, then the inside address (that of the hiring manager), the greeting, the body, the closing salutation and finally then signature. When you write a cover letter for a job you commonly enclose a resume, so write “Enclosure” at the very bottom of the letter.

Introduce yourself and your overall purpose for writing the letter -- that you would like to take a specific position at the company. If someone referred you to the position, state that in the first line of the letter.

Discuss your interest in the type of position you’re applying for as well as your experience, skills and qualifications. Convince the hiring manager that you have genuine intentions to perform the job to the best of your ability.

Express your intentions to continue with the recruiting process, including submitting to an interview and providing required references. List your contact phone number and email to close the letter.

Resignation Letter of Intent

Write a resignation letter of intent in business letter format as well. Start by expressing your gratefulness for the privilege of working at the firm up to this date. Then, immediately state your intention to resign from the position.

Identify the date when you intend to end your relationship with the firm. The common acceptable notice is two weeks from the date of the letter of intent.

Provide a specific or general reason for your departure -- it is your choice. For instance, you can state your plans for taking a new position at another firm or simply express your general desire to change careers.

Discuss the positives of having worked for the firm. Close the letter by reiterating that you appreciate the time you spent working for the firm.


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