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How to Ask the Boss for a Job Transfer to Another State

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Asking the boss for a job transfer to another state can be stressful, especially if you must move and need the transfer to do so. Some companies require that your current supervisor approve any transfer requests, so you need to approach the situation with tact and professionalism, especially if you have a rocky relationship with your boss.

Visit the human resources, or HR, department to find out what openings currently exist in your target city. While some companies post this information on the corporate website, the HR department may only update the information once a week. An in-person visit may glean new openings for which you qualify.

Compile a list of any company awards you received and special projects on which you worked to help with constructing a professional transfer request. Additionally, include ways in which you have contributed to your department and the company.

Prepare a letter, addressed to your boss, and request the job transfer in the first paragraph. State the reason that you need to move out of state, perhaps to be closer to sick or elderly relatives. Then, mention how many years you have been with the company, as well as your contributions.

Prepare the responses you will provide to the boss when he wants to speak with you after reading the letter. Practice at home, if necessary, so you appear confident and polished. Your responses must include answers to possible objections, such as any recent work errors or absences. State what steps you implemented to correct your deficiencies. If you do not have an amicable relationship with your boss, then try to keep the conversation positive by stressing your strong qualities and how you will benefit the company at the new location.

Choose an appropriate time of day to give the letter to your boss. If he is a pleasant person who usually hangs out in the break room with a cup of coffee every morning, then this might be the most appropriate time to approach him. However, if he has morning deadlines with his own bosses, then approach him later in the day.


Just because you request a job transfer does not mean you will get it. Ensure you maintain a professional manner throughout the process so you can continue with your employment if your transfer is denied.

If there are no openings in the state you want to transfer to, ask the HR department to notify you once a position is available.


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