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How to Become a Male Nanny

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Mannies, or male nannies, have become popular over the years as tabloid magazines have photographed and written about celebrities hiring male nannies. Although many families may want to hire a male nanny, becoming one isn't as simple as being a man. You also have to have qualifications and references in order for a family to trust you working with children. Once you display these attributes, you'll have an easier time becoming a nanny.

Take a CPR certification class if you haven’t done so already, as most nanny jobs will require this. Sign up at your local community college.

Create a resume. Add prior work experience and include any experience you have working with children. Add personal experience, such as babysitting family members or taking care of your own children, if you don’t have any professional experience. Add housekeeping experience also, as this may be required for some nanny jobs. Include the fact that you are CPR certified on your resume.

Create a reference sheet of at least five references, including personal and professional references. Place professional references (those who know how well you can handle children and trust you with children) at the top of the list, followed by personal references to vouch for your personality and trustworthiness. Make copies of this list to hand out to potential clients.

Research a variety of nanny agencies, companies designed to help parents find reputable nannies. Contact these companies to find out any requirements they have or if they have openings for nanny positions. Keep this information handy if you decide to join one of these services in the future. Give representatives your resume or upload it to their websites.

Create an ad for online and print classifieds. Do not include your home phone number or address, but do include other general information from your resume, such as your years of experience or training. Include a line in the add saying “references available upon request” to let potential clients know that you do have references who will vouch for you.


Try being a nanny on your own before signing up with an agency, so that you can choose your own families and keep all of your money.

  • Try being a nanny on your own before signing up with an agency, so that you can choose your own families and keep all of your money.

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