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How to Become a Nanny in Florida

Nannies working in sunny Florida know that the state provides numerous venues for entertaining and educating children. The State of Florida strictly regulates licensing for child care facilities but does not certify or license employees nor does it require nannies who work for single families to be licensed.

Prepare to work as a nanny in Florida. Bonded, college-educated or certified nannies have an edge in employment. Those credentials can put potential clients at ease. Bonding requires a background check and payment of a fee. College courses or degrees in child care or education indicate a level of knowledge in the field. The International Nanny Association offers a certification exam that can be taken online and provides an INA credential that can be presented to clients. Fees for the exam are $50. INA members pay $40.

Join a nanny or domestic placement agency. Placement agencies usually require applicants to submit to a background check and a drug test, provide proof of citizenship and a driver's license. Agencies may also require successful completion of a first aid and CPR certificate course. Some may also require previous experience in child care. Loving Arms, Nanny Poppinz and Nanny Can are Florida-based agencies that hire and place nannies.

Advertise yourself as a nanny. Place ads in local newspapers or through online classifieds. The Florida Department of State Division of Library and Information Services provides a web page filled with links to online Florida newspapers. Local church bulletins or newsletters for professional organizations may be willing to sell ad space for child care and nanny services. Set up a web page to advertise your nanny services and include pricing, credentials, a photograph and contact information. Ads can direct readers to view the web page.

Work as a nanny in the resort and vacation industry. Contact the concierge at local resorts and ask about requirements for becoming a nanny for visitors. Resorts that provide nannies to hotel guests include the Marco Island resort in Southwest Florida and the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida. Resorts may require a certification in CPR and first aid.


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