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How to Get a Job As a Web Surfer

Step 1

Update your résumé. You may not have the opportunity to speak to prospective employers on the phone or to interview with them in person. Highlight the skills that make you an ideal candidate for web surfer jobs.

Step 2

Begin your search for web surfer jobs. Use traditional job search tools, such as Career Builder or Monster, to look for jobs online. Use "online jobs", "work-from-home jobs" and "telecommute" as the key words for your job search.

Step 3

Use Internet search tools to find jobs. Do a search for "online research jobs" or "find web surfer jobs" for a list of companies that offer this type of employment. You can also search for freelance work on Craigslist.

Step 4

Research your potential employers. Although many companies advertise job openings online, not all of them are legitimate businesses. Conduct an Internet search on a prospective employer's name before submitting an application.

Step 5

Protect your personal information. Do not disclose your personal information without verifying the validity of a business. Avoid any employer that demands a copy of your driver's license and/or social security number as a condition for employment.

Step 6

Apply for web surfer jobs. Submit your résumé to legitimate companies offering promising job prospects. Include your contact information with your job application.

Step 7

Complete job applications thoroughly. Some employers may require that you complete an online exam in order for them to determine if you can meet the demands of the job. Complete these tests to the best of your ability and in a timely manner.