How to Get a Private Investigator's License in Kentucky

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Private investigators in Kentucky are required to be licensed by the Kentucky Private Investigator Licensing Act. The Kentucky Board of Licensure for Private Investigators oversees the application process and the maintenance of licenses for the state. All applicants for a private investigator's license must be at least 21 years of age, have a high school diploma or equivalent and be a United States citizen or resident alien. Applicants must also complete an application form and pass an examination to receive an investigator's license. Private investigators in the state of Kentucky must carry insurance and maintain their licenses by participating in 12 hours of continuing education courses every two years.

Visit the website for the Kentucky Board of Licensure for Private Investigators to print out a copy of the license application. The application is only available through this agency. Review the documentation that you must return with the application. Three completed, board-approved fingerprint cards, two color passport photos and the criminal background check authorization form must be returned with the completed application. Be sure to answer all questions on the the application, responding even to inapplicable questions with "N/A."

Include three money orders in the amounts of $10.00 (background check processing fee), $100.00 (application fee) and $39.25 (fingerprint card processing fee) when you turn in your application. Be sure to send all three payments with your application in the form of cashier's checks or money orders. All must be made payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer. Mail applications and payments to:

Kentucky Board of Licensure for Private Investigators 911 Leawood (40601) P.O. Box 1360 Frankfort, Kentucky 40602-1360

Submit the registration form for the licensing exam only after you receive notice from the Board of Licensure for Private Investigators that your application has been approved. Once your application has been reviewed and approved by the board, you will be mailed exam registration materials including a study guide.

Apply for a liability insurance policy with minimum coverage of $250,000 after you have passed the licensing examination. Proof of the required liability insurance policy must be received by the Board of Licensure for Private Investigators before your investigator's license will be issued. The policy must be issued by a company that can legally provide insurance in Kentucky and the policy must provide coverage for acts of the applicant's employees while performing their duties at work.


The total licensing fee is $400.00 and the $100.00 application fee goes toward that bill. The Board of Licensure for Private Investigators will contact you after you pass your examination to request the $300.00 balance of the licensing fee.