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How to Become a Bail Bondsman in Ohio

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Becoming a bail bondsman in the state of Ohio is not too difficult if you follow the rules as set forth by the Ohio Department of Insurance. Ohio residents have a choice to take in class, or self-study, bail bondsman classes to help them obtain a license for their new career.

Take the pre-licensing education course. Visit the Ohio Department of Insurance website for a listing of the approved pre-license provider list. Ohio also has a self-study pre-license provider list for those individuals who just can't seem to make it to class and would prefer to study on their own. Applicants receive a course completion certificate upon successful completion of the pre-licensing course.

Make a reservation to take the exam. You can make a reservation by phone, mail, fax or on-line through PearsonVUE.com. Once you make your reservation, keep track of your confirmation number, as you will need it in order to take the exam.

Take the exam. In order to take the exam to become a bail bondsman in the state of Ohio, you must have two acceptable forms of identification, the original pre-licensing certificate evidencing that you successfully completed the required pre-licensing course and reservation confirmation number. It is recommended that you get to the exam testing center at least 30 minutes early.

Get your fingerprints. Once you successfully pass the bail bondsman exam, you can elect to have your fingerprints taken for the background check. It is not a mandatory requirement to have the fingerprints taken at the testing center. However, if you do elect to have it done at the center, you must use either a credit or debit card.

Complete an electric background check. The Ohio Department of Insurance requires that bail bondsman candidates have a criminal background check performed by WebCheck. Only WebCheck or another authorized facility can submit the results of your background check to the Department of Insurance.

Submit a completed Surety Bail Bond application along with the appropriate fee and supporting documentation and wait for approval.

Get your photo Surety Bail Bond Card. Upon license approval; contact Pearson Vue to get your photo ID card.


If you’re taking the bail bondsman exam for a second time because you failed it the first time, you must bring your failing score report to the exam.

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