How to Become a Home Inspector in Ontario

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Becoming a home inspector in Ontario, Canada does not require a license as of June 2010. Home inspection courses are available at many colleges across the province, however. A home inspection certificate is a frequent add on certificate for real estate professionals who want to add home inspection to their services, and full-time home inspectors obtain a certificate to authenticate their expertise in the field. Obtaining a certificate will allow you to effectively market your service as you break into this field.

Speak to local professionals about the home inspection market. Real estate agents and other home inspectors will have information on how many home sales occur in the area, and how often home inspectors are called upon to perform services. Certain areas may be saturated with home inspectors and will be more difficult to break into the market. Information gathered from research will help you plan what territory you will be willing to service.

Research an Ontario college that provides home inspection certification. Obtaining the proper credentials provides credibility that customers can understand. Home inspection certificates are available through online distance education as well as on-site at colleges. Distance education and continuing education options are offered by most schools.

Create deliverables for your clients. Home inspectors provide reports to their clients on the conditions of a dwelling. Create letterhead for your letters, report forms and other business documents. Letterhead and forms should include all company contact information. This information is indirect marketing that clients can use to refer others to your services. Consider including additional information in your deliverables package for the clients, including home efficiency tips or local contractor listings.

Create a web page and materials to market yourself in your service territory. A web site provides an access point for individuals seeking service, and serves as an easy referral from other colleagues. If home inspection is a value added service to complement existing products and services, highlight this new service on your existing web site.

Actively market your services to other professionals in your area. Visit real estate agents, lending institutions and other home inspectors. Both real estate agents and home inspectors provide home inspection services but they may provide referrals when work loads are too high to accommodate new clients or when projects are outside of their service territory. Lending institutions also provide referrals for their clients who are seeking to purchase new homes and rental properties.

Provide excellent customer service. The home inspection business is driven by referral and through repeat business from existing clients. Referring organizations' and companies' services are not complete at the completion of the inspection because clients have the opportunity to provide negative feedback on your services. Immediately report difficult situations to the referring individual. Professional colleagues will appreciate a "heads up" that will help them diffuse customer service issues before flagged by the client.