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How to Become Toshiba Certified

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Toshiba is the world’s ninth largest manufacturer of electric and electronic equipment, employing approximately 161,000 workers worldwide. The company produces a wide range of products including consumer electronics and electronic components, medical systems, digital home theater systems and industrial equipment, netting annual sales of over $53 billion. Retailers profit from name recognition by participating in Toshiba’s authorized service program. Business seeking to become a Toshiba authorized service provider need to meet certain requirements set by Toshiba, including possessing A+ certification and earning Toshiba certification within 90 days of approval.

Possess CompTIA’s A+ certification. Passing scores on two exams are required to obtain A+ certification. CompTIA administers the exams and also offers training materials to help candidates prepare. Other preparation courses and materials are available online.

Apply to become a technology provider. Applicants must pay a one-time $750 application fee, establish a line of credit with Toshiba, sign an authorized service provider agreement and pass an inspection. After applying, all technicians are required to complete Toshiba’s training and certification.

Create an account through Toshiba University dealer services. Refer to your welcome material for further instructions on creating and accessing your dealer account. The dealer services website allows dealers to create a roster of employees, view certification requirements and courses and follow the training history of their employees.

Ensure every employee at your dealership completes all necessary training within 90 days of approval. Review the dealer services website to check for updated information or changes to certification requirements. Keep all employees up-to-date on Toshiba mandated training.


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