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How to Become a State Farm Agent?

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The State Farm "Agency Brochure" says it´s the largest insurer in the United States, as of 2010. Training for a State Farm agent position can take about 2 years. There is an internship and a 1 year independent commitment to complete before becoming a full-fledged agent. . Home, auto and life insurance are a few packages agents are eligible to sell, once becoming a State Farm agent.

Download and read the "Agency Brochure" PDF file, from´s recruiter information page. This serves as a general guide. It contains details on the process for becoming a State Farm agent. It explains the State Farm agent experience with a flow chart of agent progression through the program, and includes agent testimonials. The brochure does not include any test questions, but the website may be used to find local agents who may be willing to share some tips.

Create a resume tailored for State Farm that demonstrates selling skills and customer service. For example, mention skills used during a managerial experience within a customer retention department. It should include strategies for closing deals and helping people improve their circumstances.

Set an appointment with a local recruiter via When you get to the local office, it´s where you will begin the evalution process, which looks at the probability of success based on your background, financial situation, work goals, leadership skills and more. The entire agent program entry approval process takes about 6 to 8 weeks.

Take the State Farm agency assessment questionnaire. The assessment is called a "Sales & Leadership Career Profile," which must be completed and rated by State Farm internally. There is no way to prepare for it, because it is about your situation and background.

Obtain an acceptable (SLCP) rating to receive access to the overview for an agent opportunity. This overview process begins shortly after the rating is successfully achieved according to State Farm's discretion. The overview includes more details about the agent opportunity, such as compensation, State Farm products and time commitment required, through online videos. The acceptable rating is determined by State Farm and will take 6 to 8 weeks to review.

Submit your personal data, such as a social security number, to initiate a background check. The check is completed by State Farm using their resources. They will review your credit history, work history and driving history. Drug testing may come at a later time at a company location. If approved, you may continue through the rest of the process.

Complete the career understanding portion of the State Farm agent entry process. Meet and greet other agents. This part of the process allows you to learn from active agents and for State Farm to learn more about you. Ask questions about the proposal presentation, to get details on what to do. This is usually a 1 day experience.

Participate in the competency-based panel interview with State Farm executives. Present a business proposal during the interview. More detail on the available topics, and hints about past presentations will be provided by State Farm at their discretion. Traditionally, presentations are evaluated based on time constraints when sharing data presented with visual aids, such as charts, or slide presentations. Organization and speaking skills will also be scrutinized. This presentation is required for consideration for continuing the program. If approved, you are eligible for inclusion into the pool of future agents.

Search for an internship by accessing the agent postings. The internship is set up through State Farm at one of their locations. The internship lasts about 6 to 9 months, and includes classroom study at a State Farm approved site. State Farm pays for licensing and possibly the last 3 months of the internship. Payment and salary will vary by geographic location.

Enter a 12 month term as an independent contractor agent (TICA). You only can begin after completing the internship program. You will receive a signing bonus based on the market at the time of completion. After the term is successfully finished, you may sign the State Farm agent's agreement. Seeking employment with an active agency or becoming self-employed are the two options upon signing the agent agreement.


If you do not have an acceptable SLCP rating, from Step 2, it may be re-taken in 1 year.

Good communication and analytical skills are traits to highlight to your superiors during the consideration process.

Know the average salary for your location and position.

  • If you do not have an acceptable SLCP rating, from Step 2, it may be re-taken in 1 year.
  • Good communication and analytical skills are traits to highlight to your superiors during the consideration process.
  • Know the average salary for your location and position.

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