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How to Become a State Farm Insurance Contractor

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State Farm is a leading company in the insurance and financial industry. Each State Farm agent runs his or her own business. As an agent, your job is to help potential clients select the best policy plan, provide valuable information, offer loan and deposit services through the State Farm bank, and help clients manage their financial situations.

Take the State Farm assessment. Contact your local agency and schedule an appointment with a recruiter. The assessment is a screening questionnaire that is used to predict how successful you will be selling insurance. Information from your assessment will be used to determine if you eligible to proceed to the next step.

Attend the Career Understanding seminar. This is a one-day seminar designed to educate you on your responsibilities as a State Farm agent.

Attend the interview. During this competency-based interview, you will submit a business proposal to the Executive Approval Committee. Your business proposal should detail how you intend to run your business. If approved, you will continue on to the next step.

Review available agency opportunities. Approved candidates have access to opportunities on a weekly basis. When an opportunity in your area becomes open, you can request to interview for the position.

Attend the internship. Selected candidates have to complete a 6- to 9-month paid internship. This internship consists of licensing, training, and field development activities.

Sign your contract. By successfully completing your internship, you will be presented with a 12-month independent contractor agreement.


If you consider opportunities outside of your current location, State Farm may will cover moving expenses.

  • If you consider opportunities outside of your current location, State Farm may will cover moving expenses.

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