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State Farm Adjuster Requirements

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Insurance adjusters plan the work necessary to process an insurance claim. They investigate claims by interviewing the client making the claim and any witnesses to the events of the claim. Adjusters with State Farm property certification increase their opportunities because State Farm insures more cars, homes and property than any other insurance company in the United States. State Farm property certification requires both class hours and testing in addition to regular adjuster training.

Educational Training Companies

Several companies are approved to offer State Farm adjuster certification. These companies are Eberls, Pilot, Worley and E.A. Renfroe. Classes are conducted at locations specified by the firm offering the classes and usually take place at company training facilities. State Farm certification classes are not offered online.


State Farm certification classes take place over a period of two days. The first day is a six-hour Live Desktop Presentation class that comes directly from State Farm to your class location. Classes cover State Farm protocols for handling claims and are interactive. The second day of certification is the testing process. Students take both the Wind/Hail certification exam and the Estimatics Certification Exam for State Farm Certification.

Eligibility Requirements

State Farm certification courses are fee-based and offered quarterly, depending on the company you use. Schedules can change depending on demand. Each company offering State Farm certification requires a resume and an online application before access to class schedules is granted and registration is processed.


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