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What Are the Requirements to Be an Aflac Representative or Agent?

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Aflac is a publicly held insurance company that pays cash benefits directly to policyholders. Policy benefits allow policyholders to cover any unexpected out-of-pocket medical expenses. Aflac insurance agents are independent and are not considered employees. An Aflac agent is also a representative of the company. Agents have a fiduciary responsibility to do what is in the best interest of both the company and its clients. Although compensation is solely commission-based, agents have the potential to earn upfront as well as with residual income.


An Aflac agent needs a life and health insurance license. Most states require a minimum number of hours of education along with the completion of a state licensing exam. After licensing, most states require agents to take a certain number of hours of continuing education courses at least every two years. Aflac requires agent candidates to submit contact information; a regional coordinator will contact the candidate within seven business days to discuss career opportunities.


Comprehensive agent training is available to guide agents through every detail of Aflac’s products and sales process. New agents receive specialized training and Aflac trainers are available to assist associates in prospecting and closing leads. New Associate Sales School offers thorough training sessions to help new agents succeed. Ongoing training is provided on new products, services and technology, both in live classes and in the field. Aflac has its own university, which offers courses on product training, leadership development and insurance industry training for agents. Webinars are also offered as a part of Aflac agent training.

Tools & Technology

Aflac employs an innovative information-technology department to help support its sales force and clients. There are highly effective, well-tested marketing materials for agent use, including: scripts, brochures, online tools, websites, bilingual sales resources and call centers. SNG is a paperless enrollment system used to process online applications faster than on paper. MobileAflac sends instant updates about claims and accounts to a mobile device. Field Force Email provides company updates to an agent’s email address through a secure server. Associate Services provide a website exclusively for Aflac agents, which offers news, sales tips and training materials. Jet-Issue Processing is a rapid method of processing applications, speeding up the payout of agent commissions. La RED is Aflac’s peer network for agents desiring to develop into the Hispanic consumer or business market. La RED provides tools, special training and rewards to those who excel within its network.


As agents, representatives own an Aflac “franchise,” backing them up with the 93 percent brand recognition and the 80 billion-dollar strength of the company. Aflac’s compensation plan grants a generous stock bonus contribution up to 3.5 percent of annualized premiums. Aflac provides unlimited income potential, including various ways to get paid: sales commissions, renewal commissions, stock bonuses and recruiting bonuses. Additionally, Aflac gives recognition for excellent work through trips, awards, career advancement and other types of rewards. There are no sales quotas, so agents are free to control their schedule, workload and sales activities.