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What Is a PBX Agent?

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A private branch exchange (PBX) agent plays an important role in a company. He is responsible for answering incoming calls and routing each one to its target destination. Live PBX agents are found at hotels and smaller companies.

Primary Duties

Handling incoming calls is the primary responsibility of a PBX agent. She must be able to identify the appropriate destination for each incoming call and successfully transfer the caller. PBX agents handle both incoming and calls from within the company.

Secondary Duties

In hotels, PBX agents perform wake up calls, answer short questions and take messages. He may also do light clerical work, such as typing.


Because the PBX agent is often the first contact a customer will make with a company, he must project an image that is helpful, courteous and professional. He must be able to work efficiently and quickly.

Equipment Used

PBX agents perform their duties with the aid of a telephone switchboard. The switchboard consists of shortcut buttons that allow the PBX agent to easily connect an incoming caller to the desired destination.