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Traffic Agent Job Description

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A traffic agent is also known as a bylaw enforcement officer or a code enforcement officer. These officers are in charge of enforcing non-criminal laws, rules and regulations of a local government.


Local governments employ a variety of code enforcement officers to conduct various tasks. Some of these jobs include traffic agents, building inspectors, health inspectors, animal control officers and fire marshals. Traffic agents enforce minor traffic violations.


These enforcement officers are employed to ensure that the public complies with the written local rules and regulations of a specific jurisdiction. Some minor traffic violations include parking or moving violations.


In the United States, most traffic agents have a narrow enforcement focus. Most of the time these enforcement officers are not police officers and cannot enforce violations outside of traffic.


Although traffic agents can't arrest someone or enforce criminal driving violations such as DUI, they are able to assist police officers and can issue citations or tickets.


Generally no college degree is necessary to become a traffic agent, but it depends on the jurisdiction in which the officer is employed. All traffic agents must be trained before duties can begin.


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