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How to Become a Special Police Officer in Maryland

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In Maryland, the special police are used as security officers, but are a step above your typical mall cop. Special police are able to arrest someone for a crime that they witness as long as it is on the property that they are guarding. If they attend police academy training, special police are also able to enforce traffic violations. Otherwise, special training is not required.

Contact the Maryland State Police or go to their website (see Reference section) to obtain an application for a special police license.

Contact a state police location regarding having fingerprints taken. They are required to be sent in with the application. It is also possible to have them taken on the local level with a police or sheriff's department or with the Criminal Justice Department for the state.

Maryland Criminal Justice Department 410-764-4501

Obtain two passport photos. You can typically have these taken at a photo shop.

Submit the application back to the Maryland State Police, having filled out the information about a special police license and any other licenses you are interested in. The form covers several. Have pages 7 and 13 notarized. Submit two passport-style photos and the fingerprint cards with the application. Also send in the $137.95 fee. Renewal applications require a $79.95 fee.


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