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How to Become a Traveling Notary

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Becoming a traveling notary is not any different from becoming a regular notary. The distinction between them involves only the willingness to work mobile. Every notary public is a state-commissioned individual appointed to verify and legitimatize official acts. For example, in some states--such as South Carolina--a traveling notary may solemnize a wedding ceremony at a venue within the state. The benefit to being a traveling notary is the ability to visit new locations and get paid to do it. For their customers, it is a convenient way to accomplish a required task.

Apply for a notary commission. Obtain an application and completely fill it out (i.e., Social Security number included). It can be found on your state's website or through an approved business. Be honest, as a background check is completed on each notary that applies. Some states require an exam as well. Inquire about the standards and qualifications before obtaining training online or live at an approved course. The National Notary Association or a local college are approved references to seek training. The training to apply as a notary is three hours.

Obtain a character reference to verify your positive community standing as per the application form upon finishing the training. The affidavit may require a notarization depending on the circumstances (i.e., training completed online). If a stamp is necessary, locate a notary nearby to accomplish the task. Read the instructions carefully or check with your state.

Pay for everything required to operate as a traveling notary. For example, pay for the bond and commission license fee. It must be done in conjunction with the application. The application requires information about the bonding company used by the potential notary. Order the notary stamp and notarial act journal. Some states, such as Florida, do not require the journal, but it is a good measure of protection for a notary to implement.

Wait for a few weeks to receive a response. The package should include your commission certificate, bond and notary stamp. Typically, the governor or the secretary of state are in charge of appointing notaries. If there is a problem with the application, you should be notified by one of their offices. For additional protection as a traveling (mobile) notary, you may consider errors and omissions insurance. It protects the clients from any error you make. Also, it may be an advertising benefit to get more work.

Begin accepting work as a traveling notary by advertising services. Traveling to homes and businesses to complete a notary act is part of the job description. Charge no more than the state-allowed fee, but you may set your price for traveling costs. The traveling costs are taxable, and must be detailed in a receipt.


Become a signing agent to obtain more credentials and earn more money in the mortgage industry. It is an additional three hours of training.

List your service in databases that caters to helping people find mobile notary services, like 123 Notary.


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