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Notary Loan Signing Agent Duties

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Notarization is a process used to deter fraud and prevent forged signatures on important documents and records. This is done by having an authorized notary public acknowledge signatures with satisfactory proof. Affixing their signature and official seal to the document demonstrates this acknowledgment. A notary loan signing agent is a registered notary trained on handling mortgage loan papers. Notary loan signing agents usually work for or are contracted by banks, mortgage companies or title companies.

Duties and Responsibilities

Upon accepting an assignment from a company, a notary loan signing agent will receive mortgage documents and borrower contact information. The notary meets with the borrowers and goes over each document in which a signature is needed. While answering questions about a particular document is fine, notaries are not allowed to give loan advice. When the signing is complete, the notary sends the documents back to the company for processing. It is important that the notary completes the process without any errors because mistakes can hold up the loan.

Training, Certification and Registration

Because loan documents can be complex and include numerous pages, notary loan signing agents need proper training to handle the work. Training programs, such as those offered by the National Notary Association, are available for a fee. Some notary professional organizations also offer training with a comprehensive exam for becoming a certified notary signing agent. This certification is not required to get a job, but it might enhance your employment opportunities. Notaries need to register with their state governments and registration requirements vary by state. It is important to check your state government for the specifics.


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