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Document Prepper Duties

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Document preppers work in the office environment and serve to proofread and edit documents. These documents range from company manuals to patient charts in a hospital. The documents can be files or forms for clients, or they may be for internal purposes only. On occasion, the documents contain confidential information, so the preppers may need to get security clearance.


Document preppers inspect documents for content accuracy and visual specifications. Document preppers remove staples, flag pages, fix bent or torn corners and sort documents according to client specifications. Document preppers edit and amend incorrect information. Records of documents are maintained either physically or electronically in compliance with company’s policies and procedures. In addition to prepping documents, they often perform general clerical duties, such as answering phones, taking messages, making copies and other duties as assigned.


Document preppers must be able to sit for extended periods of time and must have extreme attention to detail. Preppers must be computer literate, as they utilize computers and other office equipment, such as scanners and fax machines. Document preppers must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to distinguish different types of forms and documents. Security clearance may be required if the position requires working with confidential information. Preppers usually possess work experience in an office environment.


A high school diploma or GED is usually required; however, depending on the type of documents, the company may require an associate degree; law firms will require that a document prepper have some legal experience or a paralegal certificate. In some instances, knowledge of the mortgage industry is required, as preppers can prepare mortgage documents for clients.


As of May 26, 2011, the annual salary of a document prepper was $36,000 per year, according to Indeed, a job website. Salary may vary depending on the type of company; preppers that work with highly confidential documents receive a higher salary.


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