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How to Be Paid While Training for a New Career

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The way to be paid while training for a new career is to work at a job that has paid training as part of the recruitment process. Some federal jobs offer paid training as you prepare for a new career, like the Environmental Protection Agency's Environmental Careers Program. Private-sector jobs sometimes give similar perks, which may allow workers to increase their education as well. In order to get a good job, you must be willing to be flexible and prove your worth to the organization.

Apply for positions that offer paid training in advertisements. Job boards, temp agencies and more provide insight on the kinds of positions that pay trainees. Paid training is found in many types of jobs, like sales representatives and some manager openings. If you can't find such jobs, try to create an opportunity for yourself in the public or private sector.

Meet with management to inquire about the organization's strategy for obtaining quality trainees seeking a new career. Inform the hiring managers about any previous work experience relating to this new career. Sell your skills as a financial investment for the company. Show managers how and why within one minute of conversation, if possible.

Provide evidence of qualifications that warrant payment while training for a new career. Elaborate on credentials listed on the resume or details highlighted within the letters of recommendation. Remember, all companies want to hire the best people they can find, so become the person they are looking for.

Consistently produce stellar results at your job to encourage your employer's commitment to you while you're in training. If you continue to be valuable to your employer, the employer will continue to pay you while you're training to continue to work there or to look for new employment elsewhere.


Time-management skills may be required to succeed. Students may find it a challenge to work as a trainee and complete studies simultaneously. Connect with other people on social networks like LinkedIn to help find a great job.



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