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How to Become a Swift Mentor

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Swift Transportation is one of the largest trucking companies in the United States. The Arizona-based company, which started in 1966, has over 16,000 trucks on the road. Swift offers a Mentor Certification Program for exceptional truck drivers who demonstrate professionalism and reliability. Mentors spend six to seven weeks with student drivers, delivering freight and hauling loads. But before a driver enters the certification program, he must first establish himself as a safe, dependable and experienced truck driver.

Acquire a CDL (Commercial Driver's License). With the CDL permit, you can drive a commercial vehicle when a CDL-licensed driver or instructor is with you. Contact your local Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to arrange to take the CDL permit written exam. Obtain a CDL study guide and/or practice exam from your local DMV. In many states, the written exam covers general knowledge, combination vehicles and air brakes.

Undergo a DOT physical exam by a licensed medical examiner. Download a copy of the Medical Examination Report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider. If your provider does not perform DOT exams, search the Internet or the Yellow Pages under “Occupational Health” for a medical examiner. Keep a copy of the report for your records.

Contact a Swift Recruiter by logging onto the Swift Trucking Jobs website and clicking the "Contact a Recruiter" tab. If you live in the western region of the U.S., call 866-902-2043. If you reside in the eastern region, call 866-902-0940. Owner-operators should call 866-400-7186. A recruiter will answer any questions you have regarding a career as a Swift driver.

Enroll in a Swift Driving Academy. As of early 2010, Swift operates seven driving academies across the United States. Select the "New to Trucking" tab on the Swift Trucking Jobs website then click on "Schools." There you will find a list of Swift driving academies and their contact information. Read the checklist for the academy you want to attend. Each academy has a checklist of items you must have and the requirements you must meet before enrolling.

Become a Swift Driver. Once you graduate from the Swift Driving Academy, you can start driving professionally for the company. Select the "Apply Now" tab on the Swift Trucking Jobs site. Complete and submit the online application. Drive for Swift for at least a year then apply for enrollment into the Swift Mentor Certification Program.


DOT exams are valid for 24 months.

As of 2010, tuition cost for the Swift Driving Academy is $3,900. Swift reimburses the tuition cost after working 26 consecutive weeks for the company.