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How to Become a Michigan Repo Man

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A repo man (or woman) is also known as a possession or collection agent. The main task of a collection agent is to secure property from a consumer on behalf of a company or corporation because of failure to pay for the property. The most common repossessed property includes cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats. To do this job successfully, you must have exceptional people skills, excellent investigative skills and good organizational skills, and you must be a great problem solver.

Fulfill the basic requirements for this job for the state of Michigan. You must be at least 18 years old, a high school graduate, in good physical shape and of good character. You also need to have worked in a collection or repossession agency for at least six months.

Get a surety bond for at least $5,000. A surety bond covers the cost of your services paid by the client in the event that you cannot fulfill your contractual duties. To obtain a surety bond, visit the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth (DELEG) for a list of insurance companies that provide this type of bond.

Submit an application for your state license. You can do this through the DELEG Web site. Include the license fee of $225 if you wish to become an owner/manager of a repossession agency or $85 for a non-owner/manager license.

Register for the licensing exam, choose a test date and location, and take the exam. The Michigan DELEG Web site has links to the necessary registration paperwork and all available test dates.


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