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How to Get a City Job

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Applying for a city job is not much different from applying to any other job. However, you typically apply for all jobs in one centralized location, then if the individuals in charge like your information they can call you into the specific location where you might start work. The first main hurdle is to apply for the job you think you are best qualified to do. From there, it is up to those hiring to deem if you are what they are looking for.

Open up your Internet browser and navigate to your city's official website. Typically, all job applications are handled directly through this site.

Chose the "Careers and Jobs" link, then search through all of the available positions and apply for one you like.

Provide all of the required information, including your resume. Some sites allow you to upload a PDF, while other sites have you type in your work experience.

Submit your application. Now all you can do is wait for a phone call from the city. If you receive a call back make sure to bring in another copy of your resume and other work-related information. Some cities may require you to take tests to make sure you qualify for the position. The test can vary depending on what job it is. Some city jobs require background checks.


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