How to Get a County Job

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Like many government jobs, getting a county job can seem to be a mysterious and daunting process. County jobs often require additional steps be taken to apply for a job that are not encountered in the private sector. Today most counties make their job announcements easily available online. They also usually require that you apply and take a civil service exam or answer supplemental questions online as well. With some insight into the process getting a county job can be easy and less intimidating.

Step 1:

Go to the county’s main website and click on the jobs link. Most counties have this link in an easy to find spot because it is a popular link.

Step 2:

Search the jobs list for jobs that you are qualified for. Depending on the county, you may only be able to do this online or by phone, and sometimes by both.

Step 3:

Click the apply button to start the application process. Most counties will require that you upload your resume, cover letter, and any relevant transcripts or training certificates. There may also be supplemental questions (sometimes referred to as an exam or civil service exam) to fill out.

Step 4:

Fill out each section of the application. Even if this repeats information that is in your resume do not leave sections blank. Doing so will get you disqualified from the job.

Step 5:

Review all of your information prior to hitting the final submit button. In most counties applications will be disqualified if they are missing any of the stated required paperwork or if questions are left blank.

Step 6:

Go to all the interviews. There are often several interviews before a job will be offered. The first may be a panel interview followed by interviews with one or two department heads.


You will need some basic computer skills to apply for most county jobs. Have someone help you if needed so that you do not miss a step and lose out on a job opportunity.

Write your exam or supplemental answers in Word first to check for spelling and grammar errors. Then cut and paste this into your application.