How to Create a Professional Email Address

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A professional email address represents and reflects the professional interests of the user or owner of the email address itself. It is, in other words, a reflection of you, your products or your service. This single, often overlooked, detail can be the single deciding factor as to whether a prospect, employer or customer calls back or decides to develop a professional relationship with you.

Design an email address including the basic four parts: a username, "at-sign", domain name and the domain extension.

A username identifies you, who you are or what you do. The domain name is generally the name of your business or related service. The domain extension depends on the type of business you're operating: a commercial business (.com), a nonprofit organization (.org) or information only website (.info).

Here's an example:

Register a domain with a hosting provider such as Godaddy or BlueHost based on the domain you selected in step one. Alternatively, purchase a customizable email account only using the same domain name.

Set up your new email address following the instructions provided by your hosting provider or email address service provider.


Keep it simple. Make a good first impression.


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