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How to Become a School Bus Driver in California

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Want to be a school bus driver? Are you aware that there are more duties besides driving the same route each day, such as escorting pre-kindergarten through eighth grade students across highways. Bus drivers in California need to be able to administer first aid to passengers if the need arises, they need to report any needed repairs or bus malfunctions, as well as make necessary emergency repairs while out on the road. Once an individual has decided they can handle the duties and responsibilities of being a bus driver, they will need to know how to become a school bus driver in California.

Complete a minimum 40-hour training program. This training program is 20 hours of classroom work and 20 hours of instruction behind the wheel.

Pass both written and oral exams.

Possess a clean police record.

Pass a drug test.

Apply directly to the specific school district, the private school or the private school-bus contractor.

Register with your local union.

Check with newspaper help wanted ads and online ads for any available school bus driver jobs.

Network with other bus drivers who are currently employed by a school system.


Be patient during the process. While becoming a school bus driver in California may not be difficult assuming you have a clean record, there are many steps to the process.


Bus drivers in California also need to be able to keep records required by the employer, such as driving time and distance traveled.


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