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How to Work Part Time After Retirement

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Retiring does not mean you have to stop working altogether. Working keeps the mind active and may prevent you from becoming bored, lazy or even depressed. Whether you need to continue working to help pay the bills or hope to add money to an existing retirement account, working part time after retirement is attainable. It is all about finding the right balance to suit specific needs and wants. Find a job that you will enjoy and is stress free.

Decide what type of part-time job you would like to obtain. Maybe you have spent years managing others, maintaining strict work guidelines and following company procedures. Now that you have retired, you may want to test your skills in a different line of work. Whether it is grooming dogs, becoming a line cook or even working in a favorite bookstore, make a decision based on what you would enjoy doing part time.

Polish your computer skills. Just about every job you encounter will ask for computer knowledge. Depending on the industry you worked in before retirement, you may not have had constant computer interaction. Certain part-time jobs require data entry, typing and office-related skills. Companies may want possible candidates to be familiar with programs such as Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel.

Consider looking into part-time work with the previous employer. The company may prefer to keep a person on part time rather than taking the time to train a younger, less qualified candidate. Although the pay may be lower than what you brought home as a full-time employee, it is a job you understand. Ask about consulting or freelance jobs within the company. Working from home may be an option, depending on the position.

Think about turning your former career into a part-time job. For instance, a full-time soccer coach at the local high school may still want to coach but only part time. Offer private one-on-one training a few hours a week. A retired teacher may have the option of offering tutoring in specialized areas. Use management skills to open a small franchise. Retired accountants may enjoy working from home and preparing taxes for close friends and family members.

Find out about Social Security benefits. If you go to work part time after retirement and are already receiving Social Security benefits, those payments may be lowered, but payments at full retirement age may go up. Retirees who work part time may want to wait to collect benefits instead of collecting immediately after retirement.


Volunteer or work temporary jobs to determine what you really want to do. Contact an employment agency to seek part-time work.


Check with your former employer to make sure working part time does not affect your pension.