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How to Change Career Due to Disability

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How to Change Career Due to Disability. Changing careers is never easy, but changing careers due to a disability can be more challenging. If you have been doing the same job for years and all of a sudden find you can't do it any longer, you need a plan. This should help you get started on that new career.

Address what you may like to pursue. Perhaps there has always been a job that you thought you may like but never had the time to find out. Now is the time to check out the possible jobs you may be interested in.

Look in the newspaper and on the Internet in order to see what type of jobs are available. This will help you determine where you want to train for your next career.

Train for the career you find most interesting. There are government funds available to help you learn a new trade. Plus, you may be able to claim disability or unemployment while you are looking and training for a new job.

Update your resume. Include your previous experience and the training you have obtained for your new career. Concentrate on the abilities you possessed in your previous job that will be helpful in your new career.

Start looking for the ideal position for you at this stage in your life. Although it may not be your first choice it may turn out to be your best choice. Using newspapers and Internet sources, you can begin your search. Don't forget you may be able to get a job working at home, thereby cutting down on stress and making the quality of your life better even though you are working.

Be persistent. You never know where the next job opportunity will come from. Changing careers may turn into a blessing. Remember when one door closes, another will open.


You don't have to disclose the reason for leaving your last job. You can just say you wanted a change. If you have a gap in your employment you can explain that you were getting training for your new career.