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How to Become an Online Retailer for Walmart

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Walmart offers one of the best affiliate programs on the Internet, giving its online retailers access to professionally designed banners that give their website or blog a new revenue stream. The program is free, offers a competitive commission structure, and gives your customers the ability to make purchases at Walmart’s everyday low prices. By placing Walmart banners on your site, your customers are able to follow the banners to the site and complete a qualifying purchase. Walmart will then pay you a commission ranging from one to four percent, based on the price and type of merchandise purchased.

Go to Walmart’s website and scroll to the bottom of the page. Under the section “,” select the option “Affiliate Program.” Toward the bottom of the page, you will see a blue box that says “Become a Member.” Click the blue box. Next, click on the box that says “Create a Linkshare Account.” A new browser window will open and direct you to the Linkshare website. Make sure your browser is not blocking pop-up windows. You will be prompted to enter information to set up an account. The first page asks a series of questions and allows you to set up a username and password. The second page asks for information about your website. After completing both pages, you will receive a confirmation that your Linkshare account has been created.

Return to the Walmart affiliate program sign-up page. Select the other blue box labeled “Create an Affiliate Account.” You will be prompted to enter information, including the Linkshare ID you created in Step #1. It can take up to 24 hours for Walmart to approve your application. Walmart will look at your website to make sure it is appropriate and does not violate the company's terms and conditions.

Once Walmart has approved your application and accepted your website into its affiliate program, you must return to the Walmart affiliate program webpage you accessed in Step #1. Select the category of merchandise you would like to market on your website. You will then be prompted to select specific details of the banner, including animation, size, and type. Walmart’s website will now send you back to Linkshare’s website where you will be given the HTML code for the banner you have created.

Take the HTML code created in Step #3 and insert into your webpage or blog. When somebody goes to your site, clicks on the Walmart banner, and subsequently makes a purchase through, you will receive a commission based on the amount of money they spend there. Electronics, video games, movies, music, books, photo processing, and health and beauty products pay you a commission of one percent. All other products pay a commission of four percent. Commissions are paid out monthly by Linkshare.

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