How to Transfer Your Real Estate License

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As a real estate agent, you work under the supervision of a broker, who by state law must have physical control of your real estate license. When you decide to leave your broker for another one, your license will have to be transferred from your old broker to your new one. That transfer is always facilitated through your appropriate state license control agency.

Transferring Your Real Estate License

Advise your supervising broker in writing that you are planning to move to another broker.

Follow up with your supervising broker to be certain that he has surrendered your real estate license to the appropriate state license control agency, and that he has formally relinquished supervision of you. Immediately stop engaging in real estate transactions when you know that your license has been surrendered.

Transfer your listings in the local Multiple Listings Service (MLS) to your present broker. Ensure that she has advised the MLS of your departure.

Confirm that your new broker has submitted a formal request to the appropriate state license control agency for your real estate license.

Check that your license has been received by your new broker and that it is being displayed publicly in the office.

Ask your new broker for your new “pocket license,” which you’ll need to prove your agent-broker affiliation when asked to do so. Discard your old pocket license.

Get authority from your new broker to register under your new affiliation with the MLS.


When you are transferring your real estate license to a new broker in a different state, you must satisfy that state’s real estate licensing requirements before you can engage in any real estate transactions. If, however, you transfer to a state that offers license reciprocity to agents from your state of transfer, then you will be given a limited amount of time, during which you can practice real estate while finalizing your licensure requirements.