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Requirements to Become a Land Broker

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A land broker is a specialized real estate agent who is able to sell large tracts of undeveloped land such as farms and ranches. These professionals have undergone years of training both in the classroom and in the real estate field to reach this position, which carries a great deal of ethical and fiscal responsibility.

Education Requirements

In order to prepare for licensing exams, a person seeking to become a real estate professional must take 60 hours of classes offered by an accredited institution in the state in which he is seeking to become a real estate agent. It is important to receive education from a state-recognized institution so an individual will be allowed to sit for the real estate licensing exams administered by the state. A list of accredited institutions is available at the National Association of Realtors website.

Real Estate License

An applicant to take the real estate salesperson exams must be sponsored in writing by an established and licensed real estate broker in the state the new real estate agent will be practicing. Upon successful completion of the real estate exams and paying of any licensing fees, the applicant will receive her real estate license. The agent will then go to work through the real estate broker that sponsored her during the application process.

Brokerage License Requirements

Once his real estate license has been obtained, an agent may begin the process to secure his brokerage license, which will allow him to broker land deals. Applicants must supply a letter of recommendation from one broker and at least two other individuals who own property in the area where the prospective broker has his real estate business. Applicants must then attend a brokerage licensing class from an approved institution. The curriculum must include coursework on real estate ethics. After passing the qualifying exam and paying any applicable fees, the real estate agent will have his brokerage license. In some states, like Maryland, applicants must first provide lawful service (for three years in Maryland) as a real estate agent before applying for a brokerage license.


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