How To Become a HUD Registered Agent

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The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) acquires houses through the process of foreclosure. Only licensed real estate agents who are registered with HUD can sell HUD homes. The registration process for real estate professionals is quite simple and can add another dimension to your real estate business.

Keep your real estate license current. You must be licensed as a real estate agent in your state to be able to register with HUD. Make a copy of your real estate license to submit to HUD as part of your application package.

Download and print out the Single Family Acquired Asset Management System (SAMS) 1111 broker application and selling broker certifications forms from HUD's "Frequently Asked Questions" website (see Resources below). Fill out the applications with a blue or black pen.

Attach a copy of your real estate license, driver's license and a current utility bill or bank statement to the SAMS application package.

Locate your local HUD contractor by using the state directory from the HUD Marketing and Management (M&M) Contractor's Information website (see Resources below). You must make an appointment with your regional representative to submit your application package.

Wait for your HUD registration to become active. The time-frame may vary from state to state, so ask your local representative when you can expect the process to be completed. Upon completion, you are qualified to show and sell HUD homes.


Your HUD registration is good for a year. Make a note of the date on your calendar and give yourself plenty of time to re-register before your registration expires.

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