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How to Become a Relocation Services Realtor

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Every real estate office has at least one or two agents who specialize in helping people relocate from one part of the world to another. It is a niche specialty, generally recession-proof, that can be quite lucrative. If business is booming, companies tend to relocate their key employees as they open new offices. During tough times, businesses may cut back, close offices and employees need to relocate for new jobs or positions in other branches. Your job as a relocation specialist is to help make this transition easier by being the home buyer’s eyes and ears in the community.

Get your real estate license. Go to the state board of real estate’s website and learn the requirements. You need to attend classes and have a certain number of hours in the required subjects to sit for the licensing exam.

Join the National Association of Realtors. Your broker has all the information and forms that you need.

Attend the Successful Buyer Representation in Relocation class, administered by the National Association of Realtors. You can take this one-day class online. You will learn everything from how relocation works to developing marketing strategies.

Contact large corporations in your area, and introduce yourself to the head of human relations. You can do this on the telephone, but to be more effective, create a marketing package or brochure outlining your services and how you can be of assistance to any of the corporation’s relocating employees and executives.

Get to know your city or town and all of the various communities. Spend time in the communities and keep up with any changes in demographics, new home construction and commercial construction. You want to be the expert in your area, and you need to stay connected to do that. When someone from out of town tells you what type of community he hopes to find, you will know exactly which area to recommend.

Network often. Attend Chamber of Commerce mixers, join service organizations, plan to attend any functions where you can hand out business cards and it won’t be considered rude.

Create a website featuring your services. Make it is keyword-rich for all of the areas that you represent as a relocation realtor.


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