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Relocation Manager Job Description

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In 2009, more than 250,000 employees, whose firms belong to the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council, experienced a job-related move within the U.S. The human resources specialist behind such transfers--a relocation manager--ensures they are positive experiences.


The relocation manager’s work begins in the pre-decision stage by providing transferees, new hires and their families information about the relocation process and the destination city.


Once the employee accepts the assignment, the relocation manager becomes the primary contact for all issues related to the move. She selects vendors and arranges travel, sale of existing housing, moving and temporary accommodations. For global transfers, the relocation manager works with an HR counterpart in the destination city, often coordinating with a contracted relocation counselor.


Relocation managers write policies to ensure equitable treatment of all moves. They establish budgets, monitor costs and authorize expenses. To identify areas for improvement, they conduct employee surveys and stay informed of industry trends.

Skills & Compensation

Relocation managers need excellent communication, analytical, negotiating and organizational skills. Many companies prefer degreed candidates with Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) and/or Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) credentials. The August 2010 salary for U.S. relocation managers ranges from $41,658 to $86,896 annually.


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