How to Become a Disney Travel Agent

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The tourism industry is a booming sector of the economy, and one in which travel agents play a pivotal role. Although there are many popular and appealing vacation destinations, many Americans choose Disneyland or Disney World as their top destination. If you’re a travel agent and you want to capitalize on this growing trend, consider becoming a Disney travel agent.

Take tourism courses. You can take these at most colleges and universities, or at specialized travel schools. In addition, you may want to pursue an Associate’s degree in Travel and Tourism; however, this really isn't necessary.

Get properly trained. Once you have completed these courses, you are now ready to take online courses through Disney’s online training course for travel professionals, the Disney College of Knowledge. These courses will provide you with extensive knowledge of all Disney destinations. Upon completion of this course you will take a test, and if you pass, you will officially be a Certified Disney Destination Specialist. You are now certified to either work for a Disney Travel Agency, or to be a Disney Specialist at any travel agency.

Take additional courses. Disney wants its travel agents to be constantly in the loop with the new things going on in Disney travel, such as new resorts, cruises and rides in its theme parks. Disney has a website for its travel agents that will provide you with any updated information you may need to book Disney destinations for your clients.