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Certified Relocation Specialist Training

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To become a certified relocation specialist, the candidate must pass the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) designation examination. This includes testing on knowledge of relocation policies and procedures, residential real estate, legal issues, and a variety of other topics.

Eligibility Requirements

There are two ways to fulfill eligibility requirements for taking the CRP designation examination. A candidate may qualify if she has held a membership with Worldwide ERC for at least 18 months, according to Worldwide ERC, the workforce mobility association for businesses managing and supporting international employee transfer. A candidate may also qualify with two years of corporate relocation-related experience.

Corporate Relocation Policies and Procedures

The ERC certification exam will include corporate relocation policies and procedures, including moving household goods, temporary living, and real estate assistance. Home-finding assistance, employer mortgage programs, international moves, and a variety of other areas will be included, according to Worldwide ERC.

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Residential Real Estate

The residential real estate portion of the ERC certification exam will include questions regarding use and preparation of market analysis and strategy reports, property management, and mortgage financing. This section of the test will also cover pre-purchase appraisals, home inspection, and real estate terminology, according to Worldwide ERC.

Other Exam Topics

Other topics covered on the ERC certification exam include legal issues, relocation taxation, family mobility, and mobility strategies, according to Worldwide ERC.

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