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How to Write a Sincere Resignation Letter

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No matter what the circumstances may be, moving on to a more positive, engaging or challenging position means that you have to resign from your current job. Putting a sincere and professional spin on your letter of resignation will keep you in a positive light . Writing a sincere resignation letter helps you leave your job gracefully. Your employer and coworkers will remember your positive attitude, especially when you need a reference.

Give your employer at least two weeks notice when you hand in your letter. State the date of your resignation in the letter. Address the letter to your direct supervisor and make a copy for human resources.

Include positive comments in your resignation letter. Comments about how the office displayed teamwork, how accessible your superiors were and how you have grown professionally and personally can all be added to your letter.

Leave all negative comments out of your letter. No matter how tempting it may be, you are almost out the door, and there is no point in running the risk of a bad recommendation down the road.

You may give a brief explanation for your departure but this is not necessary. A simple statement such as getting a new job offer or leaving to pursue an advanced degree is all you need to say.

Write the letter in a clear, concise manner. Check for spelling and grammatical errors.

Close your resignation letter by thanking the company and your supervisor for their time and the opportunity to work them. Even if you're not leaving on the best terms, writing a professional letter of resignation can help you move forward in your career.


Offer to help during the transition phase and train the new employee. Keep a copy of your resignation letter. You may need to refer to it later on.


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