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How to Start an Entertainment Agency

By obtaining the proper licensing and quickly establishing a small clientele, you can start an entertainment business in your area. It is important to gain high-profile clients from the start to establish yourself as a professional entertainment agent and convince others that you are capable of doing the job at hand.

Think of an appropriate name for your agency. As this will be your brand name and will be used for the life of your business, make sure it represents you in a manner befitting a professional. Refrain from using anything trendy or hard to pronounce. Entertainment businesses often use names associated with their creator, like William Morris or JL Entertainment, named after their owners.

Register your business with the state. In order to operate, you must have a business license for the field you are entering. To obtain a business license, contact the city clerk and she will direct you to the correct office or give you the proper forms to fill out for your license.

Sign artists that you have already met and feel you can represent on a higher level. An entertainment company is often responsible for booking shows, concerts and appearances, so the more people you know in the industry, the more high-profile clients you will be able to sign. Offer them a slight discount on your services to prove your worth and to entice them to sign with you as you may have little or no track record up to this point.

Advertise in local music and arts magazines in your city to obtain clients to represent. By advertising, you will let local musicians, bands, comedians and artists know that you are serious about what you do and that you can help them achieve their goals. Include your logo, website, email address and phone number in your advertisement. If you have any high-profile friends or clients who would be willing to offer a testimonial, that would be helpful as well.


Have business cards made with your logo to show professionalism. Use word-of-mouth advertising to land the best clients in your area. Sign and help a few higher-profile artists in your area and give them a discount to get your name established.