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How to Introduce People as an Emcee

Introducing people is only part of your duties as an emcee. However, sometimes you will need to introduce people for a special event, like a charity function or wedding. In these cases, there are some things you should keep in mind to make sure the moment goes off smoothly.

Get a list of the people you need to introduce. If you're not sure how to pronounce a name, be sure to ask early on so you can practice saying it right. You don't want to wait for the last minute and pronounce it incorrectly.

Find out the order in which you'll need to introduce people. If you introduce a wedding party, for example, find out if you should announce the bride's or groom's parents first. Finally, you need to know if you are to introduce the bride and groom as mister and missus, or if the bride is keeping her name.

Rehearse with someone to be sure you're reading the names correctly and in the right order. The bride or the maid of honor would be the most likely people for you to check with for a wedding. Otherwise, speak with the coordinator of the event.

Make sure your microphone is working before you introduce people. People need to hear an emcee. A sound check is also in order, since you don't want squeaking noises when you start your introductions.

Be sure you have everyone's attention before you start the introductions. You can always start by introducing yourself and telling a joke, or telling the people about yourself and how you came to be the emcee for the event.


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