How to Make Money Online for Free as a Proofreader

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With all the content on the Internet, there are millions of pages of potential material for the world's proofreaders and editors. There is also a plethora of sites that allow proofreaders to post their profiles so customers can quickly and inexpensively get their copy proofread. Some sites allow you to advertise your services for free.

Brush up on your proofreading skills. While you should not offer proofreading services if you have no background in writing, editing or proofreading, you don't have to be a professional editor or grammar teacher to make money as an online proofreader. If you feel that you need a refresher course, there are several available online on sites such as

Visit proofreading marketplaces to find jobs. The first places to start are sites are proofreading "marketplaces." These are sites where you can post your profile so customers can find and hire you, or where you can bid on jobs that customers post. Many of these sites charge membership fees, but there are some sites that offer free membership, such as and

Visit online job boards for editors and proofreaders. and are more proofreading specific, but you can also find proofreading and editing jobs on job sites such as and Check these sites daily to stay on top of job postings.

Consider creating your own website. Here you can advertise your services and ask previous clients for testimonials on your work. Many proofreading businesses have sites that allow clients to submit electronic documents and even pay on their site using a credit card or PayPal.


Make sure payment is secure—most online proofreading marketplaces use PayPal, which is a great option. If you are working directly with a client on a proofreading job, you may want to have them sign off on an estimate before you begin to help ensure payment.