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How to Become a Cyber Nanny

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The Internet is probably the most efficient networking, researching and learning tool ever created. It contains entertainment to suit any taste and is readily available to a massive population. The Internet has rapidly and permanently changed the way people interact with one another. However, a terrifying side effect of this free exchange of ideas and social networking is that the Internet also gives strangers unprecedented access to your children. These strangers may be pedophiles and other child predators, trolling the web for a child to victimize. Because of this threat, becoming a cyber nanny is important for any parent whose child regularly surfs the World Wide Web.

Become a Cyber Nanny at Home

Invest in a home version of computer monitoring software. These programs are sometimes called Cyber-sitters. When you install them on the computer, you decide what types of websites are acceptable for use. If you have multiple children, find a program that has username and passwords, so each child can have his own security level. Consider choosing a program with automatic notification when questionable websites are accessed. The notification will either be sent via text message, email or automated phone call.

Position the computer in a public place. Ideally, the computer should be located in the room where you and your family spend the most time. Make sure that there aren’t obstructions between where you usually sit and the computer screen. When your child is on the computer, watch what is going on. You don’t have to watch every second but, check on it often.

Lock the computer so your child has to ask you to get on it. This ensures that you know whenever your son or daughter is surfing the web. Change the password once per month to alleviate the chance that your child figures out the password.

Check the history of visited websites. If your child is old enough and sneaky enough to delete the history, go through the Temporary Internet Files. While this won’t tell you the exact websites viewed, it will show you pictures and some documents that were accessed.

Become a Professional Cyber Nanny

Visit the FBI website (see Resources). This is where the agency posts all of its open job opportunities. Create an account on the website in order to apply for any open jobs.

Locate an opening within the Cyber Division. This area of the FBI contains agents who go online disguised as teenagers and children, interacting with others on sites that attract large amounts of kids. These FBI agents search out and apprehend predators who are also trolling the same sites looking for victims. Although they are not called cyber nannies, these agents do patrol the websites keeping children safe from predators. For those looking for an occupation as a cyber nanny, this is the perfect occupation.

If you don’t see any openings on the FBI site, check back often, as new jobs are added every day. Also, consider making yourself available to relocate. This will eliminate the need to find a job in your area.

Apply for the job following the instructions directly. Each specific job has different requirements for applying. Some of them require documents to be faxed, and others require a visit to the local FBI office.


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