How to Get a Green Belt Certification

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The Six Sigma Green Belt certification provides knowledge of the methods used to improve productivity through the DMAIC model (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control). This education and certification course prepares an individual to make process improvements to operations, procedures and systems. An example would be: a manufacturing line could be measured, analyzed, and improved based on observations and calculations. The idea is to improve processes and efficiency which drives profits. The desired outcome here would be to make more of your product in less time and with fewer resources.

Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Determine what kind of program of instruction fits best into your lifestyle. The Green Belt certification classes are offered online or at many college campuses. Make sure to verify the credentials of the company that you will be taking your training courses from. Decide if the Green Belt, the first of two separate designations of Six Sigma, is the right course for you. The Green Belt is the lower certification and the Black Belt is the advanced certification. The purpose of the Green Belt is to teach how to implement the Six Sigma techniques and lead small improvement projects.

Decide which certifying organization you will use and register for the program. Most programs do not have any prerequisites. Pay your enrollment fee which is actually the cost of the program. This cost will be between $800 and $4,000. Villanova University Online offers the Green Belt course for just under $2,000. When you have enrolled you can apply for financial assistance. Contact the school or institution that you chose for financial aid information. Many schools provide payment plans and assistance if you qualify.

Complete the Six Sigma Green Belt course. The courses are approximately eight weeks long. You will be studying: DMAIC methodology, data collection plans I, II, and III, root cause analysis, 7M Tools, control charts, process capability and chart building. Apply yourself in each course as the exam is comprehensive and difficult to pass.

Plan your Six Sigma Green Belt project. You are required to engage in a real life Green Belt project to become certified. Either design own project and submit it for approval or request a project from your employer, if this is an employer sponsored course of study. Complete the project to the best of your ability. Make sure to apply all of the steps and principals learned in your course of study.

Enroll for the certification exam. Pay the exam cost, which is approximately $220. If you fail, the re-take exam is $125. Plan wisely for your exam, as they are only given twice per year. The exams are given in June and again in December. If you miss the enrollment deadline you will have to wait another six months to enroll. It is recommended that you study a minimum of 200 hours for this exam. The exam is a 100 question multiple choice test. You are given four hours to take the exam. Score a 70 or better to pass. Once you pass the exam you will receive your certificate. Frame the certificate and display it proudly.